Wildlife Poisoning

δηλητηριασμένο δόλωμα poisoned bait
© Dimitris Vavylis

The problem

The use of poisoned baits is one of the most critical threats to carnivorous wild animals. Its victims are mainly mammals, such as foxes, wolves, bears and birds of prey -especially avian scavengers such as vultures, Golden Eagles and other large predators.


Poisoned baits are strictly prohibited by Greek law throughout the Greek territory, due to the extensive negative effects caused by their use both on wildlife, especially rare and endangered species, as well as on domestic animals and public health.

πουλί bird
Όρνιο © Πάνος Περαντωνάκης / Ελληνική ΟΡΝΙΘΟΛΟΓΙΚΗ Εταιρεία
περιφραγμένο κοπάδι ζώων fenced herd of animals
© HOS Ch Papaioannou


Many safe and legal measures and tools can be implemented as alternatives to the use of poison baits, or to prevent people from using them.